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LOB-6 project is a newly-developed future zero-gravity vehicule that offers spaceship environment conditions for approximately 10 seconds.

A unique experience for everyone.

In a free-space room, the zero-gravity feeling is identical to spaceship for space tourism or parabolic flights.

Albeith a shorter one, this weightlessness duration is sufficient to fully explore the micro-gravity effect.
Used ground-based technology features a far most affordable price than aerial or space based technology, making the zero-gravity a new and actuallly affordable experience, for the pleasure of everyone.



Zero-gravity condition is experienced when all ground and aerodynamic contact forces on the body surface's are removed.

In this case, the altitude plotting shows a typical parabolic curve that depends only on constant G (9,807), the earth gravitionnal value.

LOB-6 concept allows this zero-gravity effect. It is a special lift device installed on very High altitude buildings and composed of a vehicule capsule, a vertical guide, and a system controlling the speed and acceleration of the capsule.

Launch cycle is basically composed of:
- an upward acceleration phase under a minimum of 2G load factor,
- a zero-gravity phase continuously controlled, upward and then downward. Passengers could therefore freely move in the cabin
- a deceleration phase until dock position

The capsule successively runs several launch cycles within a few minutes allowing passagers to better explore the exclusive experience of zero-gravity

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In a worldwide context, LOB-6 development implements new technologies and will lead to an entry into service in a couples of year on a sky-scraper.

Priority is given to safety features and compliance with most advanced safety regulation standard is our general policy, taking as reference for instance the current aviation standards.

Hence, the reliability objective of LOB-6's launch cycle is to have a risk exposure level lower than a basic commercial airplane trip.


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